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Quickly obtain the potential sale price of your property

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What factors influence how much a property is worth?

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to putting their home on the market is not knowing the real value of their home. Therefore, expectations are either too high or too low - often too high! - as to the price asked to sell his property. This results in difficulties, during the negotiation of the transaction, which could have been avoided if the seller had known in advance the realistic price to ask. Having your property appraised by Team BAAMAR when it is put up for sale has many advantages.

Important work to be done by buyers

Is the property to be offered for sale up to date or does it have to undergo major renovations - whether aesthetic or structural - when taking possession? Of course, the extent of the work to be done before or after the move-in will weigh heavily in the balance, in terms of the amount that buyers will be willing to offer you.

Kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are rooms that buyers pay a lot of attention to. Installations that are dated, both in their condition and in their design, could make a serious dent in the amount of the transaction. If they have to renovate them upon taking possession, buyers are sure to take thousands of dollars off their offer if they have to renovate upon taking possession.

Window and roof condition

Items that you only care about once every two decades, the condition of your home's windows and the roof is of prime importance. Tens of thousands of dollars are needed to rehabilitate the windows on your property if they are not energy efficient or if the roof begins to show signs of wear.

Geographical location and terrain

Proximity to the city and services, rural or urban areas, access to a waterway ... The location of a property as well as the size of the land on which it was built play a role important in pricing your home. This is why we take care to take all these elements into consideration when carrying out an evaluation.

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